• Post-tensioning

Post-tensioning system using bars

The post-tensioning system is frequently used in the restoration and strengthening of buildings. For this ANP Systems GmbH offers complete prestressing systems for structures: tendons with internal bonding, without bonding and with external tendons.

For very short prestressing tendons, smooth steel with a fine rolled thread is used because of its very low slip rates.

Internal tendons with bonding are used primarily in concrete, composite and masonry structures. Internal tendons without bonding and external tendons are typically used in transverse prestressing, for bridge improvements, in renovation, as a joining element for steel structures and machines and for temporary anchoring.


  • European approval with internal and external quality control
  • Well suited to transport and assembly conditions thanks to delivery in parts with couplers
  • Simple tensioning, post-tensioning and releasing by means of screw anchoring
  • Simple to adapt threaded rod to required length on site (can be shortened by cutting or lengthened with a coupler)
  • Smooth steel with rolled fine thread for short tendons
  • Can be closely matched to the required loads thanks to wide range of cross-sections

Types available:

  • Prestressing tendon with bond
  • Prestressing tendon without bond
  • External prestressing tendon

    in the steel grades below (see tables for diameters and loads)

    • S 950/1050

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