Bar anchors

Bar anchors consist of three main components: the anchor head, a steel tendon - divided into the bond section and free length - and the grout body.

The steel tendon is a round steel bar with coarse, hot rolled thread ribs and can therefore be cut or joined at any desired point.



  • Nationally approved system with internal and external quality control
  • Well suited to transport and assembly conditions as delivered in parts with couplers
  • Simple tensioning, post-tensioning and releasing by means of screw anchoring
  • Easily adaptable to required length on site, e.g. with varying geological conditions (can be shortened by cutting or lengthened with a coupler)
  • Excellent bond between anchor rod and cement mortar thanks to threaded ribs
  • Can be closely matched to the required loads thanks to wide range of cross-sections and steel grades

Types available:

Temporary anchors

  • Temporary anchors (service life up to 2 years)
  • Temporary anchors for extended short-term use (service life 2-7 years)
  •  Removable temporary anchors

Permanent anchors (service life up to 100 years)

in the steel grades below (see tables for diameters and loads)

  • S 670/800
  • S 950/1050

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