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  • Post tensioning systems
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The company provides its customers with a comprehensive selection of strand and bar anchors in various grades.

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ANP offers a wide range of solid and hollow-bar nails in various grades.

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In this area ANP - SYSTEMS GmbH offers an extensive range of solid and hollow-bar piles.

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Post tensioning

ANP offers complete prestressing systems for structures: tendons with internal bonding, without bonding and with external tendons.

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Formwork ties

Formwork ties consist of a steel tendon together with accessories, specific to the particular application.

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Reinforcement systems

The system consists of rebars with coarse, hot-rolled thread ribs and a selection of accessories that includes various nuts, plates, anchor pieces, couplers, nail plates and recess cones.

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ANP - SYSTEMS GmbH stocks a wide range of strand and bar post-tensioning jacks along with the associated hydraulic systems and precision manometers and offers these for hire or for sale.

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