Company portrait

Since its founding in July 2009 ANP - SYSTEMS GmbH has been THE manufacturer in the field of post-tensioning and anchoring systems. The company operates internationally and is an innovative and reliable partner, both in Austria and around the world.

The products and services offered cover the wide spectrum of geotechnical applications as well as applications in bridge-, structural- and civil-engineering through to underground mining. Also leading the market in geotechnical products, the company specialises in the use of sophisticated tensioning and anchoring systems.

Well-qualified employees, many years of experience, technical know-how and efficient customer support make ANP - SYSTEMS GmbH a competent partner and assure the highest quality, punctuality and economic efficiency.

Worldwide network

ANP - SYSTEMS GmbH works in direct contact with the user and places particular value on working in partnership with its customers and suppliers. Central to this are consulting, support and cooperation - locally and globally. Our extensive sales network of partners and agents allows us to respond quickly to our customers’ needs – wherever they may be around the world.